Success: A How to Guide

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We all want to be successful, but what does it mean to be successful?


Zig Ziglar describes being successful as the maximum utilisation of the ability that you have. But what are the steps to get there?

Are you concerning yourself with them? John Maxwell lists the seven steps required below (my own comments in italics!)

1. Make a commitment to grow daily.

That which isn’t growing is dead. Sometimes we even need a professional or personal “bushfire” in our lives to burn away the dead habits and to instigate growth! What is a “bushfire”?

Consider it a time of hardship or difficulty you feel is testing your existing limits! Treasure these events for the opportunities to grow that they are!

2. Value the process more than events.

Valuing the steps it takes to get somewhere furnishes an appreciation for and a desire to be excellent in those steps. The events of success will flood from there!

3. Don’t wait for inspiration.

Initiative is one of the common denominators of the richest and/or most successful people in history. Make your own opportunities! Got a big idea? Try it!

4. Be willing to sacrifice pleasure for opportunity.

The return on investment is hugely magnified for these particular opportunities (The ones that sometimes can ruin a night out with the boys, can also make or break your success!) Someone who knows you’ve sacrificed for them will likely return the favour!

5. Dream big.

A shark will grow only as big as it’s aquarium. Make your dreams into an ocean! You’ll grow to fit into them! Not meeting target? Dream of hitting 200% of your target and you won’t be losing sleep when you hit 125% of target.

6. Plan your priorities.

Failing to plan is planning to fail. Don’t invest in high effort, low return activities and people, over higher return ones, just because you’re in the daily whirlwind! Step out of the cycle at the beginning and middle of each day to plan, and to check that the plan is proceeding!

7. Give up to go up Sacrifice is essential to growth.

Prune old habits to make way for newer and better ones.

How many of these steps have we taken or are taking?

Be You, Become More!

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